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Children expect fathers to love and protect them; to be the apples of his eye. Sometimes, this expectation is replaced with feelings of abandonment, abuse, mistrust and tons of questions. As adults, we convince ourselves that if we “stuff” these feelings and pretend that certain events never happened, we will become successful productive adults and never have to address the past. But as time progresses, we begin to leak and our stuffed feelings seep out. This affects relationships, our integrity and ultimately our way of life.


The 3D webinar will focus on the feelings and thoughts that are created when our Dads don’t pick us and/or fail to protect us


This free webinar is open to men & women.

*Disclaimer: The 3D Webinar does not warrant the rectification of relationships, but merely agrees to provide 

a safe and supportive environment. The 3D Webinar is not a replacement for a clinical or therapeutic treatment.

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