Rates & Insurance



Current patients utilizing Aetna, BCBS and NC State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees' insurance benefits will be honored. 




Paying Privately


Why should I choose to pay for therapy myself?

Paying privately is an out-of-pocket expense without insurance contribution and payment is rendered on the day service is provided. Our current private pay rate is $150 to $250 per 50-minute session.

There are advantages of private pay that may make the expense worth considering:



  • Services without hindrances, pressure or stigma

    • ​Most insurance providers require a mental health diagnosis in order for therapy to be covered. When clients pay out-of-pocket there is no requirement of a mental health diagnosis for treatment. 



  • Confidentiality & Privacy

    • ​Clients who pay out of pocket are guaranteed that the only people who know details of therapy are themselves and their therapist.  Aside from normal limits to confidentiality, therapy is completely confidential, without any third party being privy to information exchanged in sessions.



  • Finding the right Therapist

    • ​Having a choice is an important factor when it comes to finding someone you trust with your personal concerns. You may, for instance, prefer seeing someone who was personally recommended to you. When you use your insurance plan, your options are usually limited to therapists within your insurance provider’s network.




Credit/debit accepted for payment.



Cancellation Policy

Compass Life Skills and Counseling requires at least 48 hour's notice should you need to cancel or change your therapy appointment. Failure to provide at least 48 hour's notice will result in being charged for a full session.