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Option 1

Triple P

Parenting Program

For parents with children with disabilities.

Option 2


Coaching Program

For parents with children without disabilities.

What is the Triple P Primary Care Stepping Stones Program?

The Triple P Primary Care Stepping Stones Program has been developed for parents of children with a disability.

Triple P Primary Care Stepping Stones Program involves a brief one-to-one parenting intervention designed to target discrete

problem behaviors or developmental skills (e.g. social skills, communication). Triple P Primary Care Stepping

Stones Program has been evaluated with families of children with a range of disabilities (e.g. intellectual

disability, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy) and elevated levels of disruptive behavior.


Sessions are between 15-30 minutes. The first two sessions are conducted in person and the following sessions can

be completed either in person or by telephone. Our counselor meets with the parent(s) for up to four sessions

over a period of six weeks. During this time parents are assisted to develop parenting & behavior support plans.

These plans are implement to prevent the problem behavior, teach needed skills and manage misbehavior.

Who is it for?

Parents or caregivers of children with a disability (up to 12-years) with a specific concern about their

child’s behavior and require one-to-one consultation with active skills training. These parents may be

unable to commit to regular treatment over longer periods of time. They are most likely to benefit if

their child’s behavioral issues are not complicated by high levels of family stress.

Session Structure


What is the Parent Coaching Program?


This program is designed specifically for children without developmental

disabilities who are experiencing misbehavior.

Session Structure

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