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What Is The Inner Child?


Your inner child is a part of your unconscious mind that reflects the child you were growing up.


This part of your unconscious mind remembers all your experiences from childhood, good and bad. 


As a result, the inner child is the driving force that motives your thoughts and behaviors as an adult and impacts your perception of the world. 


Inner child work focuses on negative messages (spoken and unspoken) you received, repressed childhood emotions and needs that were unmeet during childhood.


Our unmet needs and suppressed childhood emotions, as well as our childlike innocence, natural enthusiasm, and creativity, are all waiting within us.


Simple messages from our childhood that show up in our adult lives are as follows:  


·    “You’d better not say what you really think.”

·    “Don’t try to get that promotion because you aren’t smart enough.”

·    “You need to make your parents happy.”


Connecting with the inner helps you find the root causes of the challenges you’re facing as an adult.

*Disclaimer: Healing the Inner Child Retreat does not warrant the rectification of relationships, but merely agrees to provide 

a safe and supportive environment. Healing the Inner Child Retreat is not a replacement for a clinical or therapeutic treatment.

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